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Data Transformation

Data Transformation is the process by which data is converted from a source data format into a destination data format. Transformation engines help integrate diverse and complex data sets, documents and messages across the enterprise.

Encode's Data Transformation Practice provides all aspects of successful IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) software implementation, including business needs analysis, product consulting and reselling, architecture design, EDI and application integration, application development, data mapping, testing, maintenance, documentation, disaster recovery, and client staff mentoring services. Encode is not only skilled in IBM's data transformation software but is well versed with other IBM and non-IBM software that integrate with them. Our multi-discipline experience and cross-brand expertise eases the effort required for successful project completion. Encode's successful track record of system integration utilizing WebSphere software underscores our status as IBM's primary go-to partner for supporting large enterprise WebSphere engagements. For additional information about Encode's Data Transformation Practice contact us.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender v8.1

WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) is a powerful, transaction oriented, data integration solution that automates the transformation of high-volume, complex transactions without the need for hand-coding. It performs transformation and routing of data from source systems to target systems in batch and real-time environments. The sources may include files, relational databases, MOMs (message-oriented middleware), packaged applications, or other external sources. After retrieving the data from its sources, the WebSphere Transformation Extender product transforms it and routes it to any number of targets where it is needed, providing the appropriate content and format for each target system.

WTX delivers the following:
  • Connectivity to a wide range of mainframe, legacy, and enterprise applications, database, messaging systems, and external information sources
  • Map profiler over run map to improve performance
  • A comprehensive library of more than 120 pre-built functions to reduce development time and simplify specification of rules of validation, transformation, and routing
  • Multiple execution options to support right-time, right-style transformation-whether it is batch, real-time, or embedded
  • Enterprise-class capabilities for development, deployment, and maintenance plus high-availability platform support.
  • Remote Debugger
These reduce on-going administration and implementation risks and delivers results sooner than hand-coding.

WTX is a run-time environment that implements both event-driven and command-drive integration for:
  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications
  • Other off-the-shelf applications
  • Customer-developed, in-house applications
  • Direct, business-to-business integration
  • Integration with trade networks, net markets, and business service providers.
In WTX terms, an integration solution consists of a system of related interfaces, implemented as rule-based maps that consume and produce data in support of a business process.   Maps define interfaces between applications, data stores, middleware, and other maps. Furthermore, WTX Industry Packs (link to Packs below) enable you to accelerate your time to market, with the confidence that your data complies with the latest industry formats and regulations. With WTX V8.1 you can deploy reusable transformations faster across your enterprise and further around the globe.


Core engine

The core work-execution (transformation) engine performs the tasks of parsing inbound data and applying functions to validate and manipulate fields to generate the outbound data. Programming and platform interfaces enable applications or operating-system scripts to call the transformation engine directly.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender with Command Server

This base edition includes the core engine, without the APIs, but with the capability to control how a transformation is implemented by calling the transformation engine directly from a command line, shell script or timer. This edition is often used to extend an existing application and infrastructure with minimal intrusion.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender with Launcher

This is the lead edition, which includes the capabilities of WTX with Command Server and adds the full runtime server environment that synchronizes and controls complex data transformation flows. The launcher activates transformations based on triggers, which can be a file creation, a message arriving on a WebSphere MQ queue, a database management system (DBMS) trigger, a timer and many other options, as well as combinations of triggers.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender Launcher Agent

This edition adds an inbound HTTP agent for WTX that enables WTX with Launcher to listen and respond to HTTP requests. WTX Launcher Agent requires the WTX with Launcher base edition.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender for Message Broker

This product is equivalent to the WTX with Launcher edition but delivered as a node within a WebSphere Message Broker message flow. WebSphere Message Broker users can take advantage of the advanced capabilities of WTX when processing in-flight messages.

Trading manager

Trading manager includes two components: partner manager (a graphical client for administering partner and trade-link information) and message manager (a runtime system that manages integration of inbound and outbound partner messages). Users can audit, control, monitor and view an entire business-to-business (B2B) integration environment across the extended enterprise.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender Pack for Web Services

This edition extends built-in capabilities with the ability to send Web services requests to an SOA service provider directly from a transformation. WTX PACK for Web Services works with any base edition.

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender Security Collection

This edition provides other adapters to encrypt and decrypt data according to many popular standards. Adapters include Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and OpenPGP. WTX Security Collection works with any base edition.0

Design tool

Design tools are provided as a GUI-based integrated development environment (IDE) in which you can develop, import, test and performance-tune transformations and metadata. Then, you can deploy them to the work-execution engine for system test and production implementation. The key productivity tools for designers are described in Table 1.
  • Type Designer
  • Map Designer
  • Database Interface Designer
  • Integration Flow Designer
  • Type Tree Maker
  • Command Server
  • Resource Registry

IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender SDK

WTX SDK is a packaging of the APIs such as C, Java, EJB and COBOL, separate from the WTX base edition, which also includes them. With the SDK, you can also develop custom adapters for WebSphere Transformation Extender and deploy them with any base edition.

Manage artifacts

The design tools provide a direct interface to any source-control package that supports the Source Code Control Interface (SCCI) API. This capability gives you a choice of source-control package (such as IBM Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe or Merant PVCS) that you can use to control the versions of the transformation artifacts.

Monitor and manage

The management and monitoring tools are graphical applications that enable you to view, stop and start transaction instances running in the event server runtime environment provided in the WTX with Launcher edition. These graphical tools, run on Windows and UNIX and can be used with remote and local hosted launchers.
  • Launcher Administration
  • Management Console
  • Event Server
  • Snapshot Viewer
The management console provides detailed monitoring information, as well as dynamic configuration features for systems under control of the launcher. A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based monitoring capability can also pass information to the management software of systems from other vendors. With the SNMP agent, you can monitor and manage the status of the launcher and associated map events. You can also use the SNMP agent to configure thresholds, monitor launcher performance and help identify failure situations.

New industry packs

WTX packs have also been enhanced to deliver better performance, more function and more currency with industry standards.
IBM WTX Pack for HIPAA EDI, Version 4.2 provides updated support for the latest developments in HIPAA, including claims attachments.
IBM WTX Pack for X12, Version 2.7 supports the latest X12 5030 standard.
IBM WTX Pack for EDIFACT, Version 2.7 supports the new EDIFACT D05A and D05B standards.
IBM WTX Pack for SWIFTNet FIN, Version 4.2 supports SWIFT SRG 2006.
IBM WTX Trading Manager, Version 7.8 supports the latest versions of X12, EDIFACT, and HIPAA and includes an enhanced EDIFACT subsystem for increased performance.

Industry packs include:

IBM WTX Pack for X12
IBM WTX Pack for SWIFTNet Fin
IBM WTX Pack for SWIFTNet Funds
IBM WTX Pack for HL7

Application packs include:

IBM WTX Pack for PeopleSoft Enterprise
IBM WTX Pack for SAP R/3
IBM WTX Pack for Siebel

Packaged offerings tailored to your integration needs

WTX is made available as a number of basic editions tailored to the functionality needed to complete your projects. Each comes with a broad range of technology adapters to facilitate application integration. They also include support for WebSphere MQ, Java Message Service (JMS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), TIBCO RV and other transport protocols.

WTX Training

Encode offers a range of training courses designed to help clients fully leverage WTX. More >

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